The Best Power Forwards of the '60s

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Power forward, or "the post," requires a strong, tall player to stand with their backs to the basket. They're a critical position, so here is a list of the best 60s power forwards for you to peruse! Check out this list of the best 60s NBA power forwards to find some of the toughest players to ever play the game! Vote for your favorite top 60s power forwards, and vote down the ones you don't think make the grade. Back in the 60s, the NBA was a different place than it is today. Back then it was truly a "man's game" and the players on this list exemplify that perfectly.

When thinking about the greatest NBA power forwards from the 60s, people like Bob Boozer and Paul Silas are always in the conversation. Tough, gritty, 1960s power forwards were greatly influential in how the game is played today.

So take a look at these top 1960s NBA power forwards and see who might be your favorite. Don't forget to vote for who you think the best power forwards of the 60s are!
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  • Bob Pettit
    76 votes
    Milwaukee Hawks, St. Louis Hawks
  • Jerry Lucas
    66 votes
    Cincinnati Royals, New York Knicks, San Francisco Warriors
  • Elvin Hayes
    63 votes
    Washington Wizards, Baltimore Bullets, Houston Rockets
  • Nate Thurmond
    54 votes
    Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Warriors
  • Dave DeBusschere
    47 votes
    Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks
  • Wes Unseld
    36 votes
    Washington Wizards, Baltimore Bullets