The Best '60s Space Movies

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Stepping away from the low-budget camp of '50s sci-fi, '60s space movies show the genre growing up and coming center stage. Although many '60s sci-fi films were aimed at a younger audience, the second half of the decade brought forth a few experimental films, such as Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, which was a social commentary discussion on censorship and restrictions in the government and media. 


At the top of this 1960s space film list are the influential 2001: Space Odyssey, one of Stanley Kubrick's most prolific films to date; Barbarella, featuring Jane Fonda’s famous space-strip tease; and Marooned, the gritty, realistic story of astronauts trapped in space. Another great space film from the '60s is Fantastic Voyage, which tells the story of a space crew shrunk to the size of a human cell and inserted into a spy’s circulatory tract.


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