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The Best Teen Movies Of The 1960s

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Welcome to the teenage wasteland with a list of '60s teen movies. And guess what? They’re all wasted! Here you’ll find the best 1960s teen films, which include plenty of fun in the sun, teenage romance, and even a little bit of horror thrown in the mix.

Many of the films on this list of the top ‘60s teen movies fall under the genre of beach party movie, including Beach Blanket Bingo, Pajama Party, and Bikini Beach. Straying away from the beach, you’ll find classic 1960s teen movies like Bye Bye Birdie. This tale of young love and teenage music starring Ann Margaret and Dick Clark will have you clapping and cheering along, especially since it boasts an appearance by real-life talk show host Ed Sullivan. It’s a really big show!

Other recognizable faces of the decade show up on this ‘60s teen movie list, including Sidney Poitier in To Sir, With Love, a film directed by notable novelist James Clavell. The 1961 sequel Gidget Goes Hawaiian features the great Carl Reiner stealing scenes. This '60s teen movies list also includes the original iteration of The Parent Trap, which was remade decades later with Lindsay Lohan starring.

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