The Best '60s Vampire Movies

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Vote up your favorite vampire films that were released in the 1960s.

The greatest 1960s vampire movies have an interesting mix of kitsch, comedy, and gothic influences. Most of the entries on this list of top 60s vampire films, though, are purely terrifying tales of blood sucking and vampire hunting fun.

What are the best '60s vampire movies? If you are less familiar with this slice of film history, you may be surprised to learn that this list of top '60s vampire movies is heavily populated by foreign films. American filmmakers lagged behind in the creation of good 60s vampire movies.  Most of the top '60s vampire movies on this list are British, with venerated horror institution Hammer Horror contributing a great many classic offerings. Hammer released numerous Dracula films in the 1960s, including Dracula: Prince of Darkness starring the late Christopher Lee (known to younger generations as Sarumon from The Lord of the Rings), The Brides of Dracula, as well as Dracula Has Risen from the Grave. The '50s and '60s were the heyday of Hammer Horror films, so help us decide where they rank by voting up your favorite vampire films.

Here, you'll also find 1960s vampire movies such as The Last Man on Earth, based on the novel I Am Legend, later remade into a movie on our list of Best '00s Vampire Movies. So, what are you waiting for? Get to voting! The Dark Prince commands it.
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