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The Best Black Movies Of The 1970s

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When you think about the best '70s Black movies, you think about the man who would risk his neck for his brother man. The one and only Shaft is just one of the films on this list of 1970s Black movies. The '70s saw the birth of blaxploitation, so this list is chock full of classics of the genre, including Foxy Brown and The Mack. These 1970s African American movies are wildly different, though, covering comedy, drama, action, and even horror.

What are some of the top 70s Black movies? Let's Do It Again has to appear on any list of the best 1970s African American films. The top movies on this list star 70's Black actors and actresses including Sidney Poitier and Richard Pryor. Uptown Saturday Night is acomedy you can dig, while They Call Me Mr. Tibbs, Blacula, and Super Fly are also good examples on this list of '70s Black movies.

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