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Country music is the most popular genre of music and its popularity stems from classic country songs such as these from the 1970s that have paved the way for other, more current artists. Country songs are steeped in Americana and tell the story of ordinary, hard working, hard drinking, and long suffering people just like many of us. Some of the best songs came from the 1950's and the 1960's as well. 


These are songs from top classic country artists such as John Denver, Glen Campbell, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton. Vote up the greatest 1970s country songs, or add a song that makes you love '70s country music if it isn't already on the list.
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Willie Nelson - The song inspired by Ike and Tina Turner was done as a duet b Willie Nelson and Waylon Jenninings in 1976.

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The Charlie Daniels Band - This mainstream country hit was a smash with its fiddle-playing for the band in 1979 

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John Denver - This 1971 song was a love song to the country and a hit for John Denver

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Charley Pride - The song was a 1971 hit for pride and was inspired by the songwriter Ben Peters' wife and daughter.

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Rich Aldrich added Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

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Conway Twitty - This 1970 hit for Conway Twitty spent a month at #1 and is in the grammy hall of fame.

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Kenny Rogers - Kenny Rogers recorded this hit in 1978 two years after it had been recorded by Bon Schlitz but failed to make a mark on the public.

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Loretta Lynn - This 1970 tune is Loretta Lynn's biography set to music.

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Connor Reis added It's a Cover Up

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Charlie Rich - Some people might not like PDA but what goes on behind close doors is sacred.

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Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn - This '70s tune is about two people who come from different places but find themselves to be perfect together.

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Randy Ferchuk added Lynn Anderson -

Lynn Anderson

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Charlie Rich - This Charlie Rich song is a tearful piano-driven tune

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Connor Reis added Tanya Tucker

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Dolly Parton - Dolly's goodbye song to former partner Porter Wagoner as she left to pursue a successful solo career. A country classic from 1974 

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Glen Campbell - This 1975 hit for Campbell was a song about Broadway stars and musicians.

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A sorrowful song about love gone wrong by Crystal Gayle in 1977

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Kenny Rogers - This Kenny Rogers tune was a hit for 'The Gambler' in 1979

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Vicki Lawrence - This 1973 song was a hit for Vicki Lawrence

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Dolly Parton - This 1977 song was a country hit for Dolly Parton

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Seth Notes added David Allan Coe

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John Denver - This upbeat tune was a hit for John Denver in 1975

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Paul Humphries added Waylon Jennings

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Don Williams - Don Williams song about coming to recognize a feeling of love.

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Glen Campbell - This 1977 Glen Campbell song was written by Alan Toussaint