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The Best '70s Fantasy Movies

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In the 1970s, fantasy films reigned supreme. Some of theses fantasy movies are still big hits today - such as Bedknobs and Broomsticks, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. High on this list of the best '70s fantasy films is Scrooge, a musical take on Charles Dickens's timeless classic, A Christmas Carol. This film employs the fantasy used of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future to teach Scrooge a lesson about holiday cheer. 

One of the most popular '70s fantasy movies was Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Gene Wilder stars as the titular character: an eccentric chocolate-maker who allows five children to tour his fantastical factory for a day. Time After Time is the classic H.G. Wells story about chasing Jack the Ripper throughout the ages, and Pete's Dragon tells the tale of a young boy named Pete who has a magic dragon. 

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