The Best Game Shows of the 1970s

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The '70s was a great time for game show viewers, whether they casually watched whatever show was on or were major enthusiasts of the genre, never missing an episode of their favorite game, and these are the best game shows that aired during that decade. During the 1970s, many of the most famous game shows of all time were created or perfected. While shows like Jeopardy, Match Game, and Let’s Make a Deal were continuing on from the 60s, there were many famous old game shows that first aired in the '70s. This list of 1970s game shows includes game shows that were on air during the '70s and has been ranked by the community. 

Game shows that aired in the '70s included amazing programs like The $20,000 Pyramid, The Gong Show, and Family Feud. Many 1970s game shows included contestants and panelists of Hollywood stars. Hollywood Squares and Celebrity Sweepstakes were known for having big-name stars on the roster. While shows like The $1.98 Beauty Show may not have stood the test of time, they were uniquely '70s television programming.

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