The Best Game Shows of the 1970s

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The '70s was a great time for game show viewers, whether they casually watched whatever show was on or were major enthusiasts of the genre, never missing an episode of their favorite game, and these are the best game shows that aired during that decade. During the 1970s, many of the most famous game shows of all time were created or perfected. While shows like Jeopardy, Match Game, and Let’s Make a Deal were continuing on from the 60s, there were many famous old game shows that first aired in the '70s. This list of 1970s game shows includes game shows that were on air during the '70s and has been ranked by the community. 

Game shows that aired in the '70s included amazing programs like The $20,000 Pyramid, The Gong Show, and Family Feud. Many 1970s game shows included contestants and panelists of Hollywood stars. Hollywood Squares and Celebrity Sweepstakes were known for having big-name stars on the roster. While shows like The $1.98 Beauty Show may not have stood the test of time, they were uniquely '70s television programming.

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  • The Price Is Right
    Bob Barker, Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson
    447 votes
    • Premiered: 1972

    Bob Barker's iconic presence, coupled with a keen formula of valuing commonest items, transformed The Price Is Right into the epitome of '70s game show success. Its timeless appeal, where contestants guess prices, spin the famous Big Wheel, and showcase their strategy and skill, catapulted the show sky-high in popularity. Impacting popular culture like few others, The Price Is Right proved that in the world of game shows, anything was possible when the stakes were right.

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  • Family Feud
    Al Roker, Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson
    392 votes
    • Premiered: 1976

    Family Feud, hosted by the charismatic Richard Dawson, was the ultimate combination of competition and camaraderie in the '70s game show galaxy. Pitting two families against each other in a lively battle of wits, the show's format of guessing popular answers to survey questions captured the heart of America - and, along the way, redefined the genre. Little did we know that this close-knit tussle would continue to delight generations of viewers for decades to come.

  • Match Game
    Betty White, Patty Duke, Richard Dawson
    567 votes
    • Premiered: 1962

    Zaney, irreverent, and downright hilarious – that was Match Game, a '70s game show that broke the mold like no other. Chuckling merrily on the sidelines, host Gene Rayburn shepherded celebrity panelists and contestants through a maze of fill-in-the-blank questions, with answers often as outrageous and unpredictable as the contestants themselves. This game show had a unique impact, securing its spot as a trailblazer in television history.

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  • Jeopardy!
    Mike Richards, Alex Trebek, Johnny Gilbert
    262 votes
    • Premiered: 1984

    Pioneering the question-as-answer format, Jeopardy! shattered expectations in terms of both difficulty and prestige. With the legendary Alex Trebek at the helm, the show became a benchmark of intellectual prowess for competitors who sought to flex their mental muscles on national television. By turning the tables on the typical question-and-answer game show, Jeopardy! left an everlasting impact that keeps us coming back for more trivia mastery.

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  • The $20,000 Pyramid
    244 votes
    • Premiered: 1976

    Dick Clark's effortless charm and the innovative game-playing format made The $20,000 Pyramid an instant classic. With contestants pairing up with their celebrity partners, the object of the game was to reach the peak of the pyramid by guessing phrases based on provided clues. The intriguing combination of teamwork, wordplay, and quick thinking propelled this show into the pantheon of legendary game show experiences in the 1970s.

  • Password
    Betty White, Allen Ludden, Gene Wood
    338 votes
    • Premiered: October 2, 1961

    A perfect blend of collaboration and mental agility, Password stood out as the ideal game for cerebral contestants who reveled in outwitting others. Hosted by the warm and engaging Allen Ludden, players teamed up with famous partners to guess secret words based on a single clue, often leading to some incredible sparks of intuition. Password enchanted viewers and showcased the power of a single word to captivate television audiences across America.