70+ Best '70s Horror Movies You Should Watch Now

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With nearly 4,000 movie fans having voted, the best '70s horror movies are now ranked. Horror films in this era were made with care and originality, setting a precedent for what would come later. From iconic classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to cult favorites such as Don't Look Now, these movies have stood the test of time.

The Exorcist is one of the most beloved horror films ever made; its combination of intense visuals and psychological torture has scared audiences since 1973. John Carpenter's Halloween revolutionized slasher films forever; Michael Myers' mask remains an enduring image from that decade. The Omen was another classic released in 1976, depicting a young boy who could be the antichrist himself.

These 70s horror flicks still resonate today, thanks to their gripping stories and effective use of sound design and cinematography. If you're looking for some killer thrills on a dark night - or just want to appreciate some classic cinema - then this list is sure to deliver. Vote up your favorite '70s horror movie so it stands at the top.

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