The Best '70s Karaoke Songs

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Here are the best '70s karaoke songs, ranked by fans everywhere. The 1970s were a great time for music. Artists like Queen and AC/DC were coming into their own, and hit after hit came out every year. From disco hits to somber ballads, there was something for everyone during this decade. The best part is that you can relive this magical era by picking a great 70s track to sing along to the next time you are out to karaoke. It may be hard to narrow down the most popular 70s karaoke songs, but when you are at a loss for what to pick, you can call back on this list. 

The most important part of selecting any karaoke song is choosing something you can have fun with. It doesn't matter if you are not a great singer. No one in the crowd will care as long as they can tell you are having a fun time with it. With all of these songs, people will instantly recognize the hooks, and you will automatically win the audience over with a classic hit they may not have heard in a while. 

There are numerous good 70s karaoke songs to choose from. You will spot plenty of songs you already know right here. Vote for the songs you trust any time you head out to karaoke night. 

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