The Best NCAA Centers of the 70s

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These are the best 70s NCAA centers, ranked by user votes. From Bill Walton to Bob Lanier, there are a lot of players on this list of the best 70s college centers that went on to NBA superstardom. College centers from the 70s were some of the toughest players to ever play the game... and this was all before the 3 point line took over the game. So take a look at this list of the greatest NCAA centers from the 70s. 

From Bob McAdoo to Tree Rollins, and many more, this list of 1970s centers brings the goods. The best 1970s NCAA centers were exactly the type of people who could lead a team to victory. The 1970s NCAA centers were the players that really took their respective teams from good to great. Back in the 70s you weren't going to be successful without a force in the paint.

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