The Best NBA Point Guards of the 1970s

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The greatest NBA point guards of the 1970s were certainly a diverse group. From Walt "Clyde" Frazier, to "Big O", Lenny Wilkens to "Pistol" Pete. The top 70s point guards of the NBA played the game with a unique style that fans loved. It was an era of silky smooth point guard play. Please look at any of Walt Frazier's fur coats to confirm this. The greatest point guards of the 70s definitely had an impact on the NBA that many still feel today. While many of the best NBA point guards of the 70s didn't win a championship, they still achieved legendary status. The 70s NBA point guard helped set the stage for the game's explosion in popularity the following decade. With that, here's a list of the greatest point guards of the 1970s. Truly a group that is among the best PGs to ever play basketball.
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