The Best NFL Quarterbacks of the 1970s

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Who are the best NFL quarterbacks of the 1970s? Quarterbacks are the heart of any football team. The best NFL quarterbacks are part captain, part coach, and all player. So when talking about the best 70s quarterbacks, you know these guys are some the greatest players to ever play the game. Take a look at this list of 70s QBs and see who stacks up. Who do you think are the best quarterbacks of the 70s?

From Johnny U to Terry Bradshaw, this list has all of the best QBs of the '70s. Fran Tarkenton was also a standout QB of the decade. Ken Stabler and Dan Fouts might have something to say about the best QB argument too.

Vote up the best quarterbacks of the 70s and help decide who was the GOAT QB of the 1970s.

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