The Best 70s Rock Bands

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We're ranking the greatest '70s rock bands of all time throughout one of the world's most prolific decades of music. Despite the fact that the Beatles disbanded by 1970, the defining era of classic rock still spawned numerous Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and Grammy Award-winning supergroups across arena rock, new wave, glam metal, thrash metal, soft rock, shred guitar, and punk music. From powerhouse hard rockers Black Sabbath and AC/DC to trailblazing legends Queen and Aerosmith, these 70's bands paved the way for future rockstars while simultaneously defining this quintessential era of music. Fleetwood Mac set the precedent for Americana rock, fusing bohemian instrumentals with unique syncopated choruses and poetic lyricism; and female-led supergroup Heart dominated the charts with their unparalleled mezzo vocals and catchy songwriting. English rock bands Led Zeppelin and the Who captured the essence of an entire generation with their bold, unapologetic musicianship and authentic relatability, and Lynyrd Skynyrd brought Southern hard rock into the mainstream media. 

Which of these rock groups deserve recognition as the greatest bands of the 1970s? Whose legacy should remain at the top? Vote below for your favorite 1970s rock bands, and feel free to check out these musicians' discography pages afterwards if you'd like to discover more of their greatest records. 

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