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The Best '70s Romantic Comedies Ranked

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What are the best ‘70s romantic comedies? Fans have ranked their favorites below from best to worst. Some prove the old adage that opposites attract while others feature complicated love triangles. If many of the movies below sound recent, it could be because some of the greatest '70s romantic comedies have led to sequels and remakes.

Which of the '70s romantic comedies on the list below do you think is best? Does the musical Grease top your list? Comedy, drama, romance, and songs come together to make that 1978 film starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta a romantic comedy favorite of the 1970s and beyond. Or do you prefer how Woody Allen revolutionized the romantic comedy with his intellectual, introspective 1977 movie Annie Hall, as well as his other '70s romantic comedies – Manhattan and Play It Again, Sam?

Quirky and full of fun, Harold and Maude became a cult classic with film buffs after it was released in 1971. Other good movies featured on this top '70s romantic comedies list include Heaven Can Wait, The Goodbye Girl, and 10.

Which classic romcom deserves the top spot on this list? Chime in and vote up the best ‘70s romantic comedies.
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