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The Best NFL Running Backs of the 70s

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Running backs are the workhorses of a football team. No one is going to argue that. Well, maybe linemen will. But, they set the pace and take the biggest hits play after play. So, when talking about 70s running backs, you have to realize that you're talking about some of the greatest football players in the history of the NFL! Take a look at this list of RBs of the 70s and vote up your favorites! Who do you think are the best running backs of the 70s?

These are the greatest running backs on the 70s. Which means these players are in a pretty elite class. From Larry Brown to OJ Simpson, the top Running Backs of the 70s are some of the strongest players to ever take the field, players like Earl Campbell come to mind! Tony Dorsett and Walter Payton, obviously, are on this list of the best 1970s Running Backs 

So take a look at this list of the greatest RBs of the 70s and vote up your favorites! Who are the top running backs of the 1970s?
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