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The Best '70s Sci-Fi Movies

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Star Wars is probably the most well known 1970s science fiction movie, but don't count out the other strong contenders on this best '70s sci-fi movies list. This is the decade that also gave us the original Alien, A Clockwork Orange, and Westworld. Vote up the greatest 1970s sci-fi movies, and feel free to add any films we may have missed!

This list of 1970s science-fiction films reveals that the decade featured a trend of smart movies tackling social issues. Soylent Green and Logan's Run both depict overbearing governments that take population control to appalling extremes. Then you have A Clockwork Orange (a film that's still shocking even by today's standards), which is the ultimate movie about the extremes a government will go to to control its unruly citizens. Should these films get a higher ranking as the top '70s sci-fi movies for their audacity to take on important issues with such brazen material?

Of course, not all the '70s sci-fi movies are classics. In fact, for every Star Wars, there are multiple cheesy '70s sci-fi films. Reading up on the genre, you'll quickly notice that there aren't many '70s science fiction movies that are simply good - they're either great or terrible.  What will end up as number one on this list of the top 1970s science fiction films? The outcome is in your hands!
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