The Best Western Movies Of The '70s

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The Western is one of the most important genres in cinema history. It redefined what it meant to be a hero, and it redefined how stories were told on camera. Though the great Western heroes were on their way out in the '70s, it was still a tremendous decade for the genre. These are the best '70s Western movies, ranked from best to worst by fan votes. Some of these great 1970s Westerns fall in the line with the classic Western storyline of a lone gunman saving the day, while others on this list are uproarious comedies that almost flip the genre on its head.

What are some of the movies one can expect to find on this list? Throughout the 1970s, Clint Eastwood served as a cowboy for a new generation. Some of his best films, including The Outlaw Josey Wales, High Plains Drifter, and Two Mules for Sister Sara, all came out during the decade. The Frisco Kid is another good Western movie that was released in the 1970s.

Blazing Saddles is not only one of the best Westerns of the 70s, but it is still considered one of the funniest films of all time. Other great movies featured here include Westworld, The Shootist, and Jeremiah Johnson.

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