The Best Kids Game Shows of the '80s and '90s

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In the '80s and '90s, kids game shows had a heyday. Did you spend most of your childhood watching Nickelodeon, clocking countless hours watching '80s kids in sweatpants and knee pads get slimed on Double Dare and getting blasted by confetti on Finders Keepers? If you grew up in that decade, then you were probably partially raised by old Nickelodeon game shows. These game shows of the 1980s were brilliantly marketed to children stuck at home after school, avoiding homework and wishing they could win some cool prizes like Pogo Balls and trips to Tampa.

Then, the 1990s came and blew '80s Nickelodeon right out of the water. The fun and mental exercise only got wackier, starting with Wild & Crazy Kids, which featured stars like JTT doing totally bananas things like sitting on balloons filled with shaving cream. Whaaat?!?!?! Man, and then came Guts (and Global Guts), with Mike O'Malley and the freaking Aggro Crag. Could you have made it to the top? Did you have the GUTS?

And, of course, there was Legends of the Hidden Temple, certainly the most frustrating '90s kids game show. Oh, to have been given a shot at constructing the Shrine of the Silver Monkey... Which old kids game shows from the 1980s and '90s were your favorites to play along at home? For which would you have traded a younger sibling just to have a chance to meet Marc Summers? What Nickelodeon t-shirts are you about to search for on eBay? Vote them up!!


Most divisive: Finders Keepers
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