The Best '80s Biker Movies

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This list of 1980s biker movies proves that in the '80s, biker movies still had some gas left in the tank. Popular in every decade dating at least back to the 1950s, biker movies managed to capture both the desire to live life as an outsider and the fear of outsiders in one genre. Below you’ll find a 1980s biker film list full of two-wheeled gems that beat Sons of Anarchy to the punch by decades.

If you're riding with the top '80s biker movies, then you're definitely riding with Any Which Way You Can starring Clint Eastwood in one of his few action-comedies. Also on the road are Chopper Chicks in Zombietown starring Billy Bob Thornton, and Knightriders in which horror maestro George Romero tries his hand and something a little less gory. And don’t miss Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish, in which Matt Dillon lives in the shadow of his older brother Motorcycle Boy.

So, which of the films on this list of the best 1980s biker films really rev your engine? Vote up the movies that are fully loaded road hogs and downvote the films that should've stayed in the '80s. Add any great movies we may have missed. If you're a biker and a cinephile, rerank to create your own '80s biker movie list!

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