The Best '80s Black Comedy Movies

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When you think of the best '80s Black comedy movies, you probably think of Eddie Murphy. He starred in many of the top 1980s Black comedy films, but this list will decide if his blockbusters stand the test of time as the greatest Black comedies released in the '80s. Murphy's movies ranged from action-comedies to classic fish out of water stories, but he still left room for some slapstick movies from comedic titan Richard Pryor. With your votes, this '80s Black comedy movies list will settle once and for all just which actor ruled the decade.

What's an example of a good 1980s Black comedy movie? How about Coming to America? Murphy and Arsenio Hall both played multiple roles in this classic that stands as not only one of the best '80s African American comedy films, but one of the best Black comedies of all time.

As for Richard Pryor, he teamed-up with Gene Wilder for the 1980 two-hander Stir Crazy and also with The Honeymooners funnyman Jackie Gleason for the 1982 comedy The Toy.

Which film do you think is the funniest? Vote up your favorites, vote down the films that haven't stood the test of time, and if we missed any films, add them to this list of '80s Black comedy movies!

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