The Best Black Movies Of The 1980s

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From Oscar-winners to dance epics, '80s Black movies cover an incredible range of film genres and styles. This list of the best 1980s Black movies ranks films about the African American experience from the decade, so your votes will decide whether the greatest '80s Black movie is an artful drama, a searing political statement, or even a blockbuster comedy.

Several of the top '80s Black movies have one thing in common: Eddie Murphy. Coming to America, Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop, all of which star Murphy, appear on this great 1980s Black movies list. While Murphy was the heaviest comedic hitter of the 1980s, Richard Pryor comedies like Brewster's Millions, Stir Crazy, and The Toy also made big impressions.

On the more serious side, the '80s saw the release of great Black dramas like The Color Purple and Glory. The 1980s also introduced audiences to Spike Lee. His 1989 classic Do the Right Thing appears on this great 1980s Black films list, as does his 1986 film,She's Gotta Have It. Prince's Purple Rain is another good African American film from the '80s.

Which is your favorite '80s Black film? Vote up the best and vote down the worst. Your votes will decide the top Black movie of the 1980s. If any great '80's African American film is missing, add it, and if you're an expert, then rerank the whole list!

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