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The Best '80s Daytime Soap Operas

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List RulesDaytime soap operas that aired on television during the 1980s

During the 80s, there were more people watching soap operas than ever before. Soaps like "General Hospital" were averaging 14 million viewers an episode at its peak. There were also more soap operas on the air than ever before, with as many as 15 daytime soaps airing during a week. The top soaps of the decade were" General Hospital", "All My Children," and "One Life to Live." This list of the best daytime soap operas that aired during 1980-1989, has been voted on a ranked by the community.

While many old soap operas continued to flourish during the 80s, some soaps saw their last years. "Love of Life" ended in 1980, "Search for Tomorrow" ended in 1982, and "The Edge of Night" ended in 1984, among many others.

New soap operas also premiered, including "Generations," "Texas," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and "Santa Barbara." Although primetime soaps like "Dallas" and "Dynasty" were gaining popularity at this time, daytime soaps didn’t lose any of their status or popularity.

What are the best daytime soap operas from the 80s? Vote up the best 1980s daytime soap operas below and see where the soaps you loved to watch during the 80s rank.

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