The Best 1980s TV Dramas

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Vote up the best TV dramas that aired new episodes between 1980 and 1989.

If you’re an avid television fan, chances are there's at least one 1980s TV drama that you love. For the first time, television was starting to step away from procedural elements, towards more serialized series - and the '80s always brought the drama. Procedural cop and detective shows were still among the biggest hits of the decade, however, shows like Dallas, St. Elsewhere, and Dynasty were leaning more towards long-term story arcs. The over-the-top drama of '80s shows and the return of dramatic serials also ushered in a new era of the primetime soap opera that audiences enjoy to this day.

The 80s were known for the flashy television shows. Miami Vice and 21 Jump Street were known for their hot lead actors and unique 80s fashion. There was also a push towards fantasy and science fiction television like never before, with dramas such as Quantum Leap, Beauty and the Beast, and The Greatest American Hero.

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