The Best Lifetime Movies of the '80s

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The 80s were a great time for movies in general, but they really kicked it up a notch on the Lifetime Network. These are the best 1980s Lifetime movies, ranked from best to worst by fan votes. Lifetime Movies are notoriously dramatic, and these films certainly deliver on that promise. Some top 1980s Lifetime movies revolve around an unsolved murder, some are about relationship drama and domestic abuse, but the best movies on this list are obviously about all three. 

What Lifetime Network movies are on this list? The 1986 Lifetime movie, Sin of Innocence, examined what happens when step-siblings fall in love. Dermot Mulroney and Megan Follows starred as the young love birds. The Burning Bed is another one of the best movies that premiered on the channel in the 1980s. Farrah Fawcett starred as a woman who gets revenge on her would-be rapist in the 1986 Lifetime movie, Extremities. Which, what else do you really need to know? These are some movies you should watch right away.

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