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Jordan Bates
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This is a list ranking the best '80s montages. Because in the 1980s, the montage was king. A simple cinematic concept that made basically every single awesome '80s movie possible. Actually, it's what made them awesome. Some come on in, bro down for a while, and vote for what you think is the greatest movie montage of all time.


I can say "all time" even though this list is specifically about '80s montages. I can say that because there is NO DOUBT the best montage of all time happened in the eighties. They just don't make 'em like they used to. What is the best 80s training montage ever?

There are different kinds of montages. They aren't all just training montages so I've begrudgingly (extremely begrudgingly) included some of those non-training montages in this list.

So, what is the greatest scene set to music in movie history? Rocky & Stallone in general? Karate Kid? Vote for your favorite now! Then run to the top of a mountain and scream the name of your archenemy because you just ran to the top of a mountain and nothing can stop you now, baaabbaayyy!

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Rocky 4
122 25
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Philadelphia Freedom
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Rocky is at it again. This time... people know who he is.

Rocky II
94 15
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3 154 VOTES
You're The Best Around
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Daniel-san finally comes into his own in some of the most awkward karate you'll ever see... the same karate that made us all want to take karate.

The Karate Kid
125 29
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4 122 VOTES
Just A Couple Of Best Friends Glistening In The Sun
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Apollo has to make Rocky box a little bit but mostly dance around in the ocean together.

Rocky 3
98 24
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