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The Best 80s NBA Point Guards

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The greatest point guards of the 80s had a diverse background with many having success at the college level before making the jump to the NBA. After success at Michigan State, Magic Johnson, for example, ran point for the Showtime Lakers during the 80s - winning five championships in a span of nine seasons (which certainly qualifies him as a top 80s point guard). But the former Spartan legend had company. Isiah Thomas, also on this list of great 80s point guards, helped Indiana win the NCAA title in 1981. Several other players who laced it up during the decade were considered to be among the greatest point guards in NBA history. These athletes played during a transformative and transitional time in league history. So with that, here's a list of the greatest point guards of the 1980s. Definitely some of the best PGs to ever play basketball.