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The Best NCAA Centers of the 80s

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These are the best 80s NCAA centers. From Hakeem Olajuwon to David Robinson, there are a lot of future NBA stars with this list of the best 80s college centers. This class of college centers from the 80s includes some of the not only greatest centers in NBA history, but some of the greatest overall players in basketball history.

So take a look at this list of the greatest NCAA centers from the 80s. From Patrick Ewing to Alonzo Mourning, this list of 1980s centers brings the goods. The best 1980s NCAA centers were exactly the type of people who could lead a team to victory. You can't and couldn't go wrong with this group of players.

The 1980s NCAA centers were the players on their respective teams that took their programs to the next level. Without a man in the middle that can do some damage, you're not going anywhere. 

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