The Best NCAA Shooting Guards of the 80s

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When talking about the best 80s NCAA shooting guards, one has to remember that these players went on to play during what many consider to be the golden age of professional basketball. Some of the best 80s college shooting guards are hall of famers, like the most obvious choice, Michael Jordan. Here is a list of college shooting guards from the 80s! Vote for your favorites and vote down the ones you don't think deserve the top spot.

Obviously, players like Dell Curry belong on this list of the top 1980s NCAA shooting guards. Some of the greatest NCAA shooting guards from the 80s are some of the top players in NBA history. Players like Chris Mullin or Clyde Drexler easily belong with the best NCAA SGs 80s.  A lot of the all time greats can be found on this list!

So take a look at the best shooting guards from the 80s and pick your favorites! 
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