The Best '80s Songs That Feature Piano

What are the best songs from the '80s that feature piano? To answer that question, let's rank the best '80s songs with piano - whether the songs merely feature piano or are centered around the use of a piano. You're sure to recognize some of the hits below that are great examples of '80s piano music.

The 1980s may have been all about synth sounds and electric guitar, but that doesn't mean some amazing artists didn't rely on a piano every now and again. Tracks like Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" and Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" feature some of the most beautiful uses of the piano during the decade. One of the most iconic of the '80s piano hits is Guns N Roses' "November Rain," which marked a change in tone for the group with one of their best songs ever recorded. It's certainly an '80s piano instrumental hit. 

Vote up your favorite '80s piano songs on this ranked list. If you think we're missing some of the best '80s piano songs, then feel free to add them below.

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