The Best '80s Rap Songs

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What are the best songs from the Golden Age of Hip Hop? To answer that question, let's rank the best '80s rap songs that truly defined the decade and inspired future hip hop artists to come.

"Sucker M.C.'s" by Run-D.M.C is a good place to start when ranking the best rap songs from the '80s. This single was the launch of Run-D.M.C's career, but it's also widely considered to be a work that inspired an entire movement of new hip hop artists. "Express Yourself" by N.W.A was also a massively popular '80s rap song, despite lacking profanity on an album that was abrasive and in your face. Other great hip hop songs from the '80s include "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie, "The Breaks" by Kurtis Blow, and "Rebel Without a Pause" by Public Enemy.

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