The Best '80s Spy Movies

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The best '80s spy movies feature plenty of thrills, deception, deep cover, and special operations. Spy movies can take two routes - they will either deal with espionage realistically, or through fantasy story telling. Some of the most popular '80s spy movies feature cool gadgets and gear that might not be realistic to use in real life, but make for great film content! 

So what are the greatest ‘80s spy movies? Any discussion of the spy genre has to start with the ultimate fictional spy: James Bond. 007 has been delighting audiences since the 1960s. The ‘80s saw three different Bonds. Sean Connery, often regarded as the best of them all, appeared in his final Bond film, Never Say Never Again, in 1983. The other two ‘80s Bonds were Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton. Moore played the role well into his fifties, making him the oldest actor to play the super-spy.  

In addition to the ever-popular James Bond films, many of the top ‘80s spy movies centered around Cold War fears and anxieties. The Falcon and the Snowman is a prime example. Starring Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn, the film tells the story of two friends who get caught up in a scheme involving selling secrets to the Soviets.

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