The Best Thriller Movies Of The 1980s

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The 1980s gave us some of the greatest suspense films of all time. Packed with thrilling nonstop action, deception, and intrigue, the best ‘80s thriller movies will have you on the edge of your seat, gripping your bag of popcorn, and waiting to see what’s going to explode next.

This list of the top ‘80s thriller movies features many classic pictures. The mobster movie classic Scarface, for example, makes the list due to its tightly coiled crime plot and suspenseful mood. Written by Oliver Stone, directed by Brian de Palma, and starring Al Pacino, Scarface initially received mixed reviews, but has since gone on to achieve a high level of prestige. We can’t talk about ‘80s thrillers without mentioning Die Hard. With Bruce Willis facing off against a megalomaniacal terrorist played by Severus Snape himself, Alan Rickman, the first film in the Die Hard franchise does not disappoint. Packed with quotable lines, an intense stand-off, and plenty of fireworks, this film is the quintessential ‘80s action thriller. You'll also find great 1980s mystery thrillers on this list as well.

Here, you’ll also find everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader. Batman, starring Michael Keaton in the titular role, pits the Dark Knight against Jack Nicholson’s The Joker. The film went on to influence the superhero genre immensely, setting the stage for numerous sequels, spinoffs, and an animated series. What do you think are the greatest ‘80s thriller movies? Vote up your favorites and be sure to vote down the one you think other fans should skip.

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