The Best '80s TV Reboots

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Only television shows that based on films or series that originally aired in the 1980s.

The 1980s were truly something special, which is probably why there's been quite a few 80s TV reboots. From hilarious comedies to serious dramas, the best shows from this eclectic era ended all too soon for most fans. They do say all good things must come to an end, after all. However, such is not necessarily the case for some of these greatly missed 80s TV shows. Whether you were a fan of Murphy Brown or Magnum, P.I. (both are returning in 2018), some of us are lucky to see our favorite shows live again. But which shows take the title for the best 80s TV reboots?

Of all the 1980s TV show revivals, V has got to be one of the best yet. The 80s sci-fi series got its reboot in 2009, running for two years. It may have been a short rerun, but plenty of fans were satisfied. Other notable 80s remakes include MacGyver, Dynasty, and Charlie's Angels. What's been your favorite reboot?

Check out the list of 80s TV show remakes below and vote up the ones you think captured the original series best.

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