The Best NFL Wide Receivers of the '80s

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Wide receivers are some of the flashiest and most exciting players in the NFL. They can very quickly turn the tide of a game with one spectacular catch. When talking about 80s wide receivers, there are plenty of great players to make this list of the best wide receivers of the 80s! This was a decade of remarkable talent at the wide receiver position. So take a look at this list of 80s WRs and vote for up favorites!

When looking at 1980s wide receivers, is Jerry Rice your favorite? Is it Michael Irvin? Or is it somebody else that really played at high level during the 80s? Take a look at the top wide receivers of the 1980s and vote up the players you think left an indelible mark on the game of football.

Who are the greatest wide receivers of the 80s? 
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  • Jerry Rice
    302 votes
    Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils football, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos
  • Steve Largent
    248 votes
    Seattle Seahawks
  • Art Monk
    203 votes
    Washington Redskins, Syracuse Orange football, New York Jets
  • Cris Carter
    229 votes
    Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings
  • James Lofton
    150 votes
  • Mark Duper
    133 votes

    Mark Duper

    Florida Bobcats, Miami Dolphins