The Best 1980s Zombie Movies

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Before you were getting scared in HD, there were zombie movies from the '80s that relied on other tactics to frighten you. As you’ll discover on this list of the best 1980s zombie movies, during the eighties the genre took a big leap forward with new directors, new writers, and new stars.

In addition to the third entry into George Romero’s Dead series, Day of the Dead, this list of good '80s zombie movies includes Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (starring Bruce Campbell who went on to dominate the genre) and its sequel Evil Dead II. Stephen King added his flare to the genre with Pet Sematary and Creepshow (made in collaboration with George Romero). So deadly virus, demon possession, or scientific experiment gone awry? Which do you think the is the best way to make a zombie? Let us know in the comments below and vote up your top '80s zombie movies.

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