The 50+ Best 90s Arcade Games, Ranked

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Though arcades are a bit harder to find nowadays, true gamers (and 90s kids) will never forget the great 90s arcade games that took all our quarters growing up. Of course, we happily fed those machines our change and tokens to reach the next level or get another race in. Regardless, some of the best arcade games of all time came out of the 90s, and they remain today as many of our favorites—and have even been recreated for a range of gaming systems. Simply put, nothing serves up a dose of 1990s nostalgia like a list of the best arcade games from the decade. 

While it's hard to beat the top arcade games of the 80s, the 90s brought with it some incredibly fun games. For whatever reason, shoot 'em up style games—or light shooters—reigned as some of the most popular games throughout the 90s, such as Lethal Enforcers, Gunblade NY, Area 51, and so many more. Similarly, fighting games like Mortal Kombat II and Street Fighter II were also taking kids quarters left and right. And we can't forget the side-scrolling classic, The Simpsons, among a plethora of racing and sports games. Needless to say, the 90s arcade games did not disappoint. 

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