The Best '90s Cartoon Theme Songs

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The 1990s weren't only about grunge, Bill Clinton and the rise of the Internet, some amazingly talented animators were creating the era's most classic cartoon programs. If you were a child of the '90s then you know just how many awesome cartoons came out during this decade. Who doesn’t remember Saturday mornings, watching these classic cartoons and singing along with their catchy theme songs? But what are the best '90s cartoon theme songs?

The cartoons on this list were some of the best of the 90s and their theme songs are iconic as well. The theme songs on this list have been ranked by voters as the best from the 1990s. If you just can't get enough cartoon theme songs, go see what the best 80s cartoon theme songs were as well! These nineties theme songs will bring back memories for sure.

This list features the best '90s theme songs from cartoons including the themes from SpongeBob Squarepants, Pokemon, Animaniacs, Doug (who can forget the Doug cartoon theme song?!), Sailor Moon, and Rugrats. Vote up the best 1990s cartoon theme songs below and let yheour inner child sing along!