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The Best Chick Flicks From The '90s

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The decade that gave us the first Harry Potter books also put out some good chick flicks. This list of the best '90s chick flick movies has got both comedies and dramas, some of them could even be considered dramedies like Pretty Woman and While You Were Sleeping. Or if you feel like laughing outright, be sure to check out French Kiss. You'll find a few celebrities on this list who stepped into the spotlight in the nineties as well such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, and Alicia Silverstone.

Along with big-name actors and actresses, there are definitely some classics on this list like TitanicClueless, and Girl Interrupted. Basically, there is a '90s chick flick on this list for whatever mood you're in but which one of these girl movies is the best of the '90s?

What are your favorite chick flicks from the nineteen-nineties? The truth is, you don't really have to decide on just one. You can vote up all your favorite 1990s chick flicks and vote down any of the ones you never want to watch again.

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