The Best '90s Disaster Movies 

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These are the best disaster movies from the ‘90s. Disaster films can impact the whole world a select group of people such as on an airplane or in a city. These disaster films from the 1990s are edge-of-your-seat thrill rides that still hold up today and are certainly fun to watch. With famous actors such as Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Tommy Lee Jones in Volcano, 1990s disaster movies are some of the most exciting and memorable films in the genre. This list includes man-made disasters like Daylight and natural disaster movies like Twister.

Other great disaster movies from the nineteen-nineties include films such as Armageddon and Dante’s Peak.

Now it’s time to determine the greatest ‘90s disaster movies. Vote up the good 1990s disaster movies to make sure that the right film makes its way to the top of the list. Don’t see your favorite ‘90s disaster movie? Feel free to add it to the list.

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Twister is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Paxton

Released: 1996

Directed by: Jan de Bont

Twister is a 1996 American disaster drama film starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as storm chasers researching tornadoes. It was directed by Jan de Bont from a screenplay by Michael Crichton ...more
Titanic is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates

Released: 1997

Directed by: James Cameron

Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed by James Cameron. A seventeen-year-old aristocrat (Kate Winslet) falls in love with a kind but poor artist (Leonardo DiCaprio) ...more
Independence Day is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox

Released: 1996

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Independence Day is a 1996 American science fiction disaster film co-written and directed by Roland Emmerich. The film stars Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch, ...more
Dante's Peak is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Jamie Renée Smith

Released: 1997

Directed by: Roger Donaldson

Dante's Peak is a 1997 American epic disaster adventure film directed by Roger Donaldson, and starring Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan, Elizabeth Hoffman, Jamie Renée ...more
Deep Impact is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood

Released: 1998

Directed by: Mimi Leder

Deep Impact is a 1998 American science fiction disaster film directed by Mimi Leder, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and Michael Tolkin, and starring Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, ...more
Alive is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
John Malkovich, Ethan Hawke, Josh Lucas

Released: 1993

Directed by: Frank Marshall

Alive is a 1993 American biographical survival drama film based upon Piers Paul Read's 1974 book Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors, which details the story of a Uruguayan rugby team. The ...more
Daylight is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Sylvester Stallone, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Brenneman

Released: 1996

Directed by: Rob Cohen

Daylight is a 1996 American disaster thriller film directed by Rob Cohen and starring Sylvester Stallone, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Amy Brenneman, Viggo Mortensen, Dan Hedaya, Stan Shaw, Karen ...more
Volcano is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Tommy Lee Jones, Don Cheadle, Anne Heche

Released: 1997

Directed by: Mick Jackson

Volcano is a 1997 disaster film directed by Mick Jackson and produced by Andrew Z. Davis, Neal H. Moritz and Lauren Shuler Donner. The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Jerome ...more
Armageddon is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler

Released: 1998

Directed by: Michael Bay

Armageddon is a 1998 American science fiction disaster thriller film, directed by Michael Bay, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and released by Touchstone Pictures. The film follows a group of ...more
Hard Rain is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Morgan Freeman, Betty White, Minnie Driver

Released: 1998

Directed by: Mikael Salomon

Hard Rain is a 1998 American/British action thriller film, produced by Mark Gordon, written by Graham Yost and directed by former cinematographer turned director Mikael Salomon. It stars ...more
Black Death is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Kathleen Robertson, Kate Jackson, Jerry Orbach

Released: 1992

Directed by: Sheldon Larry

On her way home in a plane to New York, the teenage Sarah gets very ill. She realizes too late that it's more than a cold and with her parents still on vacation, she breaks down in the middle of ...more
Without Warning is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Arthur C. Clarke, Philip Baker Hall, Jane Kaczmarek

Released: 1994

Directed by: Robert Iscove

Without Warning is an American CBS TV movie, directed by Robert Iscove, featuring veteran news anchor Sander Vanocur and reporter Bree Walker as themselves covering a breaking news story of ...more
Ground Control is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Kiefer Sutherland, Margaret Cho, Henry Winkler

Released: 1998

Directed by: Richard Howard

Ground Control is a 1998 disaster thriller film directed by Richard Howard and starring Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce McGill, Kristy Swanson, and Robert Sean Leonard. The film features a cameo by ...more
Outbreak is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman

Released: 1995

Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen

Outbreak is a 1995 American medical disaster film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and based on Richard Preston's non-fiction book The Hot Zone. The film stars Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, and ...more
Turbulence is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Ray Liotta, Brendan Gleeson, Lauren Holly

Released: 1997

Directed by: Robert Butler

Turbulence is a 1997 action thriller film directed by Robert Butler. It stars Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly and was distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
After The Shock is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Yaphet Kotto, Jack Scalia, Jerry Williams

Released: 1990

Directed by: Gary Sherman

After The Shock is a 1990 drama film written and directed by Gary Sherman.
Aftershock: Earthquake i... is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Jennifer Garner, Erika Eleniak, Cicely Tyson

Released: 1999

Directed by: Mikael Salomon

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York is a 1999 miniseries that was broadcast in the United States on CBS in two parts, with the first part aired on November 14 and the second on November 16. It ...more
Airspeed is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Elisha Cuthbert, Joe Mantegna, Larry Day

Released: 1998

Directed by: Robert Tinnell

Airspeed is a 1998 Canadian film from Lions Gate Entertainment & Melenny Productions. In the film, the passengers and crew of a private jet are incapacitated by an explosive decompression, ...more
Asteroid is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Michael Weatherly, Annabella Sciorra, Michael Biehn

Released: 1997

Directed by: Bradford May

Asteroid is a 1997 NBC TV miniseries about the United States government trying to prevent an asteroid from colliding with the Earth.
Atomic Train is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Mena Suvari, Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis

Released: 1999

Directed by: David Jackson, Dick Lowry

Atomic Train is a 1999 action-thriller film about an accidental nuclear explosion destroying the city of Denver. It was originally broadcast as a television film on NBC as a two-part
Blackout Effect is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Eric Stoltz, Leslie Hope, Charles Martin Smith

Released: 1998

Directed by: Jeff Bleckner

Blackout Effect is a 1998 made-for-television disaster/thriller film. Blackout Effect was originally broadcast on NBC on January 4, 1998.
By Dawn's Early Light is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
James Earl Jones, Rebecca De Mornay, Martin Landau

Released: 1990

Directed by: Jack Sholder

By Dawn’s Early Light is an HBO Original Movie, aired in 1990 and set in 1991. It is based on the 1983 novel Trinity's Child, written by William Prochnau. The film is one of the last to depict ...more
Challenger is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Angela Bassett, Karen Allen, Richard Jenkins

Released: 1990

Directed by: Glenn Jordan

Challenger is a 1990 American television film based on the events surrounding the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Its production was somewhat controversial as the families of the astronauts ...more
Firestorm is listed (or ranked) 24 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Howie Long, Scott Glenn, William Forsythe

Released: 1998

Directed by: Dean Semler

Firestorm is a 1998 action thriller film directed by Dean Semler, and starring Howie Long, Scott Glenn, William Forsythe and Suzy Amis.
The Great Los Angeles Ea... is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list The Best '90s Disaster Movies
Ed Begley, Jr., Joanna Kerns

Released: 1990

Directed by: Larry Elikann

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake is a 1990 television film about a massive earthquake that strikes Los Angeles, California. The movie stars Joanna Kerns in the movie's lead role, seismologist ...more