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The Best 90s Football Movies

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List RulesVote up your favorite football films that were released in the 1990s.

Do you miss Friday Night Lights? Well, get a dose of what you’re missing from this list of the best 90s football movies. We want you to rank your top football movies from the 90s, because believe it or not there are actually quite a few of really good ones.

On this list of the best 90s football movies you’ll find Any Given Sunday with Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz, Varsity Blues with the late Paul Walker and Waterboy with Adam Sandler. And don’t miss School Ties a prep school film that helped launch the careers of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris O’Donnell. So what’s your favorite football film from the 1990s? Let us know below by voting up your favorites. Don't downvote a film if you haven't seen it!

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