The Best Game Shows of the 1990s

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The '90s were had of some of the best game shows, over the decade some of the most interesting and innovative game shows premiered, while old favorites were rebooted to fit the 1990s. While old family favorites were still on the air, such as Family Feud, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune, there were plenty of new game shows to choose from. Shows like Shop ‘Til You Drop and Supermarket Sweep took mundane activities like grocery shopping and made them exciting. This list of the best 1990s game shows include shows that aired during the 1990s, and has been ranked by your votes. 

Children’s game shows became very popular in the '90s, especially once Nickelodeon got into the game show business. Many a '90s kid dreamed about fighting their way through the maze in Legends of the Hidden Temple or getting slimed on Double Dare. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was another favorite of young audiences. Other game shows, such as Win Ben Stein’s Money, were humorous takes on the game show format, and definitely for adults. Several nostalgic old game shows from the 1990s are being even rebooted in the new millennium, thanks to the power of nostalgia.

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