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The Best Kung Fu Movies of the 1990s

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On this list of the greatest ‘90s kung fu and other martial arts movies, you'll find all of your favorite action stars: Wesley Snipes, Keanu Reeves, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. These martial artists all kicked, punched, and dodged their way to the top in these '90s kung fu and karate films. They're all action packed and a select few of them are even pretty funny martial arts movies, too.

What are the best ‘90s kung fu and other martial arts movies? Hollywood franchises like The Matrix, Blade, and Rush Hour all made the cut, as did Hong Kong films like Iron Monkey and Fist of Legend, starring Jet Li. Although The Matrix is a distinctly Americanized film, it borrowed elements of the Chinese kung fu style of wuxia, including flying and use of weapons. It also managed to retain some of the grittier kung fu features of ‘70s Hong Kong films, such as unarmed combat and the use of an antihero.

On this list, you’ll also find familiar names in the director’s chair. Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung, whose work spans decades of martial arts cinema, teams up with another legend, Jackie Chan, for the “Kung Fu Comedy” Mr. Nice Guy.

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