The Best 90s Music Videos

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Music videos that were released between 1990 and 1999.

The 90s were such an awesome time to be alive. Sure there was a booming economy, but the most important thing about that decade was that MTV still played music videos. There were countless classic 90's music videos. This list has the absolute best music videos from the 1990s.

You've got classic rap songs "Gin And Juice" and "California Love." You've got early nineties ballads - thankfully they don't make 'em like that anymore. We're looking at you Mariah Carey, Bryan Adams, and Toni Braxton. We've got some alternative classics like Weezer's "Buddy Holly," and the Beastie Boys' classic "Sabotage." This list has boy bands like Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, and his brother Donny's band New Kids On The Block. There was a real clear trajectory in the nineties music video. It had been majorly focused on pop tunes and pop ballads, but moved towards a mix of pop with hip hop and alternative rock.

It was a different time back then, where you could flip on the television after school, and watch music videos until dinner. Record labels invested millions to making the coolest videos. For a while after the reprogramming of MTV it was thought that the art of the music video had been lost forever, but YouTube has become a platform for new filmmakers to watch these classics, and come up with ideas for their latest productions.

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