The Best NCAA Shooting Guards of the 90s

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When discussing the best 90s NCAA shooting guards, it's hard to come to a conclusion on the top choice, because so many of these best 90s college shooting guards became greats in the NBA. Latrell Sprewell is one of the top 1990s NCAA shooting guards, and his career in the NBA was explosive, to say the least. But, here is a list of the greatest NCAA shooting guards from the 90s! Vote for the ones you like, and vote down the players who you think don't make the grade.

Whether you're looking for Ray Allen or Vince Carter, the best 1990s NCAA SGs are right here. Many of these guys have gone on to make bank in pro sports, are there are definitely some Hall of Famers in this class of gents! 

So check out this 1990s NCAA SGs, vote for your favorites, and then take a look at some of our other sports lists! 
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