The Best '90s Point Guards

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While the greatest '90s NBA point guards may not be as memorable as the current roster of talent at the position, there are still a number of stars that were at the top of their game during the time. These top NBA point guards of the 1990s put on a display of basketball IQ and fundamental soundness on the court. The 90s saw Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls dominate pro basketball. The Bulls used a variety of point guards, including John Paxson, B.J. Armstrong, Randy Brown, Steve Kerr and Ron Harper, to win six titles in eight seasons. That's not to say the decade was completely devoid of exciting point guard play. However, those manning the position just didn't necessarily lead their respective teams to winning an NBA title. So with that, here's a list of the greatest point guards of the 1990s. These 90s PGs are some of the best point guards of all time. Who do you think is the top NBA point guard of the nineties? A Decade that changed basketball forever.
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