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'90s Shows That Are Coming Back

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How long is the polite amount to wait to reboot something? If you revive a favorite show too soon, it can come off as a little thirsty, but if you wait too long, then nobody cares about the property anymore. The best and most popular shows of the '90s are exactly the right vintage for a reboot. And soon we'll see quite a few reboots of 1990s television shows. Some '90s TV reboots are returning as movies, while others are remaining on TV. Wherever they premiere, the '90s shows and cartoons we're excited to have back come with a built-in audience of folks who can't wait to return to the comfort of their favorite old shows.

Some show revivals are keeping original cast members either in the cast, like Mad About You, or as producers, like Kenan Thompson for the new All That. Others are passing the torch to the next generation, such as Blue's Clues and Party of Five.

Whether they're updating the story for the modern world or staying on the well-worn path of the original show, the best '90s TV reboots will be on screens, big and small, soon.

  • Photo: CBS

    Coming back as: a television series on The CW.
    Premiere date: January 20, 2021

    Starring Jared Padalecki in the titular role, this reboot was ordered in January 2020 and would be bringing the justice-seeking ranger into a more modern role as a widowed father returning Austin after two years, attempting to reconnect with his children, navigate clashes with his family, and find common ground with his new partner, while growing increasingly suspicious of his wife's death.

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    • Photo: Daria / MTV

      Coming back as: a television series called Jodie on Comedy Central
      Premiere date: TBA

      MTV announced they were rebooting Daria in the summer of 2018, attaching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt writer Grace Edwards to the project and bringing in Tracee Elliss Ross to voice Jodie. In June 2020 the series, now centered on Daria's friend Jodie, was picked up by Comedy Central.

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      • Photo: The Wonder Years / ABC

        Coming back as: a television series on ABC 
        Premiere date: TBA

        In July 2020, ABC announced a pilot production commitment for Saladin K. Patterson's new iteration of The Wonder Years, inspired by his time growing up in a middle-class Black family in Montgomery, AL. If the series is picked up, original series star Fred Savage, who played Kevin, will direct the pilot, co-produced by Patterson and Lee Daniels.

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        • Coming back as: a television series called Blue's Clues & You! on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.
          Premiere date: November 11, 2019

          Nickelodeon announced in September 2018 that they were rebooting Blue's Clues with a new series. The original host, Steve Burns, took part in picking a new best friend for Blue, choosing Joshua Dela Cruz.

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