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'90s Shows That Are Coming Back

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How long is the polite amount to wait to reboot something? If you revive a favorite show too soon, it can come off as a little thirsty, but if you wait too long, then nobody cares about the property anymore. The best and most popular shows of the '90s are exactly the right vintage for a reboot. And soon we'll see quite a few reboots of 1990s television shows. Some '90s TV reboots are returning as movies, while others are remaining on TV. Wherever they premiere, the '90s shows and cartoons we're excited to have back come with a built-in audience of folks who can't wait to return to the comfort of their favorite old shows.

Some show revivals are keeping original cast members either in the cast, like Mad About You, or as producers, like Kenan Thompson for the new All That. Others are passing the torch to the next generation, such as Blue's Clues and Party of Five.

Whether they're updating the story for the modern world or staying on the well-worn path of the original show, the best '90s TV reboots will be on screens, big and small, soon.

  • Coming back as: a television show on Hulu
    Premiere date: November 20, 2020

    Hulu announced in January 2018 that they would produce two new seasons of Animaniacs with the original production companies, Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation.

    • Actors: Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille
    • Premiered: 2020
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  • Coming back as: a computer-animated series on Paramount plus.
    Premiere date for series: TBA 2021

    After rumors and unconfirmed development that had been circulating since 2019, in February 2021, it was announced that Rugrats would return as a computer-animated TV show on the new Paramount+, starring the original voice actors.

    • Actors: Elizabeth Daily, Christine Cavanaugh, Nancy Cartwright
    • Premiered: 1991
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  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Photo: NBC

    Coming back as: a television series on Peacock.
    Premiere date: TBA

    In an October 2019 article in the Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's cross-platform company Westbrook Inc. was developing a spin-off series of the original, mid-1990s series, which has been picked up for two seasons at Peacock.

    • Actors: Will Smith, James Avery, Alfonso Ribeiro
    • Premiered: 1990
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  • Coming back as: both a film from Paramount Pictures and a television series on Nickelodeon
    Premiere date for film: formerly October 4, 2019, now TBA
    Premiere date for miniseries: October 11, 2019

    Although in 2017 Paramount Pictures had originally announced a release date for a film adaptation of Are You Afraid of the Dark, the film was no longer on their schedule as of early 2019.

    In February 2019, Nickelodeon announced a limited miniseries revival of the show planned for October 2019, releasing the first episode on their NickRewind YouTube page October 9, 2019, after premiering it at Beyond Fest.

    • Actors: Lyliana Wray, Miya Cech, Gavin, Coscarelli, Jeremy Ray Taylor
    • Premiered: 2019
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