The Greatest Rock Bands of the 1990s

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The 1990s may perhaps be one of the greatest eras of rock music ever. Who wasn't head-banging to Nirvana' and Pearl Jam's grunge records or Guns N' Roses' trailblazing hit singles on their cassette tapes and Sony Walkmans?! 90's rock n’ roll redefined the legendary genre worldwide, especially throughout American and British pop culture. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees U2 and Metallica to heavy metal supergroups Mötley Crüe and Black Sabbath, the '90s rockstar roster features so much insane talent that undeniably inspired future generations of rock musicians. 

Which of these artists do you believe are the greatest 90s rock bands of all time, and who deserves GOAT status at the top of this list? Vote below for your favorite 1990s rock groups across the decade, and feel free to check out their discography lists afterwords if you'd like to discover more of their best albums.

Most divisive: Aerosmith
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